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Dance4Life Challenge

Kathmandu – Nepal

Last week had been one I will never forget. Dance4Life and Conclusion asked me to join a challenge project in Kathmandu – Nepal.

In a team of 4 we have been working on a one week challenge-project for Dance4Life in Nepal. Our main focus was to organize an event to create awareness about HIV. And of course, to push back the spread of HIV in the end.

One of the most exciting days was a field trip to get acquainted with the Dance4Life program at schools.

Fieldtrip Dance4Life

In order to achieve this goal the Dance4Life project has a strong focus on active education. During the inspire-sessions students are confronted with a combination of ‘theory’ and ‘dance’, which makes it inspiring and attractive to participate. During the week we had the opportunity to visit an insprire-session on a local school in Nepal. It was amazing to be part of one of these sessions and also overwhelming to feel the positive energy of the kids. It reminded me how important it is, when you want people to learn something, to create a positive and open vibe before the actual learning takes place. This was really one of those days I will never forget…

Back to work / Challenge

As mentioned, we had also a lot of work to do, starting our challenge on monday morning. We presented our concept to the local team of Restless Development (a local partner of Dance4Life). The challenge outline asked us to organize an event for the generation of 16+ to create awareness of HIV. This target group doesn’t belong to the group students reached by the educational projects on schools and is vulnerable for getting infected with HIV.

The response to our concept-presentation of a Dance-Marathon was very positive, so we spent the rest of the week to help them to redefine our concept in order to make it fit with their expectations of an ‘event’. However there was an undeniable cultural difference, and on the other hand the project wasn’t that different to regular ‘consultancy’ projects. During the week it became clear that some of our initial ideas were not feasible or had been interpreted differently by the local team. At the end of tuesday’s session we even had to point to our initial challenge which they provided us, since the project-team was not aligned on the scope.

On Friday we had the final presentation. Luckily the team of Restless Development was very excited and flexible.

So, the future for the Dance Marathon looks bright. In the next couple of months we will stay in contact to get updated on the concept and progress.

Again a big thanks to my employer Conclusion and Dance4Life for giving me this wonderful opportunity. It was really an experience that opened my eyes.

#20-06-2012 update: One of the major radio stations has given positive feedback on the project. It looks like the project just lifted off…