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Curation of Content at Online Educa 2011

In the inspiring workshop about Learning Scenarios, participants managed to come up with strong thoughts about the possible scenarios for Learning in the next couple of years. The different scenarios are converged into one overall scenario. The one I prefer is the “in-crowd”

For me, one of the most important and challenging topics is the challenge of ‘curation of content’. This concept of managing the ‘information’ overload had passed by many times. I’ll give a quick overview of qoutes in my timeline on this topic:

@lauraoverton  – Laura Overton –
Providing information on how to filter more effectively can increase problem as it is more info that people want #oeb11#lrnscen
@lauraoverton – Laura Overton –
@JulieWedgwood – information overload can cause backlash even in successful social media rollout #oeb11 – #lrnscenimplic for enabled orgs?
@catspyjamasnz – Joyce Seitzinger –
Nicolas Carr said: “It’s not information overload, it’s filter success. ” Two forms of info overload, 1. Needle in a haystack #oeb11
@happyhenry – Henry Stewart –
Great mix of the best content curation tools on the web from #oeb11

These tweets are just a quick selection. If you search on the #oeb11 and #curation you will find many more. They prove to me we are moving towards a learning culture where content will be created by everybody and will be curated by the crowd. The question will not be anymore “how to create the best content” but “how to organise the curation-proces”.

Some interesting resources I’ve found: – A tool/platform developed by HT2, you should see this!  (presented in a session by Ben Betts – @bbetts)
Tools for curating learning content (shared by Julie Wedgwood)

*To be continued – Now heading off for lunch* (tips are welcome to add to this list)